Clairey version 152
(Claire Hart Classic, Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows)
 2 in one!

Hover your mouse (Classic):  As shown in the picture below, navigate to their opening Case/Episode selection screen and STOP. Make sure the left panel has Case 1 showing and selected. Now start my Clairey and hover your mouse on the white word "Haunted" at the top middle of your game window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start looping Case 1 Episode 1 (Haunted) over and over for you. Google Chrome or Torch, people!
Hover your mouse (Secret in the Shadows):  As shown in the picture below, navigate to their opening Case/Episode selection screen and STOP. Now start my Clairey and hover your mouse on the little "Gems" box at the very top of your game window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start looping Case 1's (Bitter Revenge) Episode 1 (Cloud of Suspicion) over and over for you. Google Chrome or Torch, people!
Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 (and Flash) games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. If your auto is having trouble connecting with their game while hovering your mouse properly (or any issues afterward), please try every other web browser available in your arsenal. Recommended... in order: Torch, Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Firefox ESR, SeaMonkey.

152 (9.25.2019) A few people were still having trouble connecting to the Classic version.
151 (8.25.2019) They moved some stuff around on the Classic version's opening case selection screen, which made the auto unable to find the game properly.
150 (6.26.2019) A few of you had font issues with yesterday's v149 update. Hopefully all of that is resolved now.
149 (6.25.2019) Since their original Claire Hart: Soul Searcher flash game has been upgraded to Html5 HD (now Claire Hart Classic), Clairey has also been updated accordingly. Just like before, the auto loops only the free, non-gem Case 1's Episode 1's (Haunted) five scenes over and over very quickly... since all of the hidden object fonts and locations are known and built inside. At top 100 Speed, each episode finishes every jaw-dropping 90 seconds and credits: 60 objects found (without the use of hints), 5 scenes, 40 combo x5's, 25 level stars and a perfect 35,000 score!
148 (4.24.2018) Nothing major. After this morning's maintenance, they jostled around a bunch of the new Shadows version's graphics. They said they were going to... and they did.
147 (4.7.2018) The new Html5 Secret in the Shadows sequel version of the game has been added to the auto, making it yet another "2 for 1" hearty deal. If you have purchased Clairey in the past, you are already covered for free with this update. It should continuously loop the first case's (Bitter Revenge) first episode (Cloud of Suspicion) forever. The auto does not play any other cases or episodes at this time... and probably never will. If you experience any game lockups or "Clicking Too Fast" popup nags, simply lower your Speed option down a notch to 99 (or even less). I apologize for the need to pause after the discovery of each item. If I don't allow the game time to first let its replacement item drop down in the list, there's usually a nice annoying crash waiting for us. I just finished testing/watching v147 run perfectly for two hours on three different machines using Google Chrome, so enjoy! The rest of this write up pertains to the original Flash version (Soul Searcher) of the game. Clairey no longer takes 6-12 seconds to open. Why? I ripped out over 4 years of coding slavery: immense graphics storage and item data from 56 cases and 600+ different scenes. 95% of them would break anyway, after they kept slightly-altering the green background graphics behind the font of each hidden item down there at the bottom two years ago, which usually left 1-2 objects dead in the water. So in the process, Clairey's file size dropped from a massive 16,864 KB down to a tiny 236 KB (71x smaller = 71x faster to load). Of course, now that it's automatically happening, the old Repeat episode 1 check mark option is no longer needed and was removed. All of your old/new Soul Searcher challenges are still covered in this v147: Wednesday weeklies, Premium Albums, Mix-n-Match, two free Personals. No worries!
146 (10.4.2016) Once again, the list of hidden objects' green background down there was altered.
145 (8.7.2016) It appears they have fixed their last error in episode 1. So I input its new green background down where your hidden objects are listed. Hopefully all is well again. Thanks for letting me know about it, Kenny and Joe.
144 (5.17.2016) Fixed the Repeat episode 1 scenes, since the game has recently destroyed the auto's ability to read the two left slots properly. This update should cover all challenges (weekly, premiums, mix-n-match). Simply enable the Repeat episode 1 option and you will be just fine. I am not sure about the future of this auto's new episodes whatsoever at this time. Just bear with me.
143 (4.14.2016) Case 56, Part 3.
142 (4.6.2016) Case 56, Part 2.
141 (3.31.2016) Case 56, Part 1.
140 (3.26.2016) Case 55, Part 3.
139 (3.12.2016) Case 55, Part 2.
138 (3.3.2016) Case 55, Part 1.
137 (2.20.2016) Case 54, Part 3.
136 (2.11.2016) Case 54, Part 2.
135 (2.8.2016) Case 54, Part 1.
134 (1.21.2016) Case 53, Part 3.
133 (1.17.2016) Case 53, Part 2.
132 (1.7.2016) Case 53, Part 1.
131 (12.28.2015) Christmas Special: Under the Mistletoe.
130 (12.16.2015) Case 52, Part 3.
129 (12.10.2015) Case 52, Part 2.
128 (12.3.2015) Case 52, Part 1.
127 (11.19.2015) Case 51, Part 3.
126 (11.11.2015) Case 51, Part 2.
125 (11.4.2015) Case 51, Part 1... four years later. Zip it already, Claire!
124 (10.22.2015) Case 50, Part 3.
123 (10.14.2015) Case 50, Part 2.
122 (10.12.2015) Case 50, Part 1.
121 (9.23.2015) End of Summer: Double Date.
120 (9.17.2015) Case 49, Part 3.
119 (9.10.2015) Case 49, Part 2.
118 (9.5.2015) Case 49, Part 1.
117 (8.21.2015) Case 48, Part 3.
116 (8.12.2015) Case 48, Part 2.
115 (8.5.2015) Case 48, Part 1.
114 (7.22.2015) Case 47, Part 3.
113 (7.15.2015) Case 47, Part 2.
112 (7.8.2015) Case 47, Part 1.
111 (7.2.2015) 4th of July Special: Red, White, and Blue.
110 (6.18.2015) Case 46, Part 3.
109 (6.10.2015) Case 46, Part 2.
108 (6.4.2015) Case 46, Part 1.
107 (5.20.2015) Case 45, Part 3.
106 (5.13.2015) Case 45, Part 2.
105 (5.7.2015) Case 45, Part 1.
104 (4.22.2015) Case 44, Part 3.
103 (4.15.2015) Case 44, Part 2. They also changed the front page's episode selection screen with huge scroll bars and other various things during yesterday morning's maintenance. Therefore, I changed where we need to hover our mice to get started properly (the "Episodes" tab instead). Please view the picture in the above tip if you can't finger it out.
102 (4.8.2015) Case 44, Part 1.
101 (4.3.2015) Case 43: Easter Egg Hunt. Case 19, Part 1 (Inn Memoriam) also had its three new scenes (Inn Room, Walking Path, Inn Lobby) kinda overhauled... well, around half of their hidden object names. It appears the person in charge that week just didn't have enough brains (or proper English skills), so somebody went back in there and got a little more specific. Such as Joystick is now known as Steering Wheel, Brush now Hair Brush, Cucumber now Cucumber Slices, Bottle now Wine Bottle. So these three had to be completely reharvested/tested. If you ever find anything weird in any of the scenes or any stalling at all, please let me know right away.
100 (3.25.2015) Case 42, Part 3.
99 (3.18.2015) Case 42, Part 2.
98 (3.11.2015) St. Patrick's Special: Claire's Luck.
97 (3.4.2015) Case 42, Part 1.
96 (2.18.2015) Case 41, Part 2.
95 (2.11.2015) Case 41, Part 1.
94 (2.6.2015) Case 40: Picnic in the Park.
93 (1.20.2015) Case 39, Part 3.
92 (1.14.2015) Case 39, Part 2.
91 (1.8.2015) Case 39, Part 1.
90 (12.23.2014) NYE Special: Tahoe Snow.
89 (12.17.2014) Case 38, Part 3.
88 (12.10.2014) Case 38, Part 2.
87 (12.4.2014) Case 38, Part 1.
86 (11.18.2014) Travel with Claire: Garden City.
85 (11.11.2014) Case 37, Part 2.
84 (11.3.2014) Case 37, Part 1.
83 (10.21.2014) Halloween Special: Halloween Haunt.
82 (10.13.2014) Case 36, Part 4.
81 (10.6.2014) Case 36, Part 3.
80 (9.22.2014) Case 36, Part 2.
79 (9.15.2014) Case 36, Part 1.
78 (9.8.2014) Case 35, Part 2.
77 (9.2.2014) Case 35, Part 1.
76 (8.26.2014) Anniversary Special.
75 (8.19.2014) Case 34, Part 3.
74 (8.12.2014) Case 34, Part 2.
73 (8.4.2014) Case 34, Part 1.
72 (7.22.2014) Case 33, Part 3.
71 (7.14.2014) Case 33, Part 2.
70 (7.10.2014) Case 33, Part 1.
69 (6.24.2014) 4th of July Special: Back from Bagram.
68 (6.17.2014) Case 32, Part 3.
67 (6.10.2014) Case 32, Part 2.
66 (6.2.2014) Case 32, Part 1.
65 (5.19.2014) Case 31, Part 3.
64 (5.13.2014) Case 31, Part 2.
63 (5.5.2014) Case 31, Part 1.
62 (4.24.2014) Case 30, Part 3.
61 (4.15.2014) Case 30, Part 2.
60 (4.8.2014) Case 30, Part 1.
59 (3.18.2014) Case 29, Part 3.
58 (3.10.2014) Case 29, Part 2.
57 (3.4.2014) Case 29, Part 1.
56 (2.25.2014) Case 28, Part 3.
55 (2.18.2014) Case 28, Part 2.
54 (2.11.2014) Case 28, Part 1.
53 (2.4.2014) Valentine's Special: Penguin Valentine.
52 (1.20.2014) Case 27, Part 3.
51 (12.18.2013) Case 26: Part 3, New Year's Special, Case 27: Part 1, Case 27: Part 2.
50 (12.10.2013) Case 26, Part 2.
49 (12.4.2013) Case 26, Part 1.
48 (11.6.2013) Added the three parts of Case 25.
47 (10.9.2013) Added the three parts of Case 24.
46 (9.3.2013) Added the three parts of Case 23.
45 (8.7.2013) Added the three parts of Case 22.
44 (7.3.2013) Added the entire Case 21 and Club 10 Years: The Photo Album episode.
43 (6.24.2013) The Pool Cabana scene had a background change underneath the fonts down there. I assume this means it will be a reused scene in the near future. Thanks for letting me know, Joe.
42 (6.4.2013) Added all of Case 20.
41 (5.7.2013) Added this morning's entire Case 19, as well as the free Mother's Day episode. How many Claire Hart™ episodes does your auto play? Hmmm. Not this many, right?
40 (4.16.2013) Added Case 18, Part 3.
39 (4.3.2013) Added Case 18, Part 1 and 2.
38 (3.13.2013) Added the entire Case 17.
37 (2.14.2013) Added the entire Case 16 and Valentine's Special.
36 (1.16.2013) Added Case 15, Part 3's (First Kiss) three new scenes: Parking Lot, Desert, Shooting Range.
35 (1.9.2013) Added Case 15, Part 1 (First Date) and Part 2 (First Thrill): Entryway, Teppanyaki Grill, Concession Stand, Menagerie, Magic Room, Service Hallway.
34 (12.20.2012) Added Case 14, Part 3 (Family Treasure) and Christmas Special (Santa's Little Helpers): Estate Garage, Summer House Porch, Summer House, Toy Store, Sporting Goods Store, Holiday Store.
33 (12.9.2012) They moved the Sunglasses in the Pool Cabana scene, so the auto was misfiring. Nice find, Sallie.
32 (12.7.2012) Added Case 14, Part 1 (The Heirloom) and Part 2 (Catching Up): Coffee Shop, Estate Grounds, Estate Parlor, Chocolate Shop, Backstage Area, Jewelry Store.
31 (11.24.2012) Added Case 13, Part 3's (Last Goodbye) three new scenes: Main Street, Gift Shop, Cemetery.
30 (11.17.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
29 (11.9.2012) Added Case 13, Part 2's (Last Will) three new scenes: Diner, Park Gazebo, Attic.
28 (11.7.2012) Added Case 13, Part 1's (Last Words) three new scenes: Cabin, Rural Gas Station, Abandoned Breakroom. Part 2 is on the way... please hold.
27 (11.4.2012) Added Case 12, Part 3's (Cruise Control) three new scenes: Marina, Waterpark, Plane.
26 (11.1.2012) Added Case 12, Part 2's (Cruise Crisis) three new scenes: Deck, Cargo Hold, Mall. Part 3 is on the way... bare with me.
25 (10.29.2012) Added Case 12, Part 1's (All Aboard) three new scenes: Concert Stage, Ship Corridor, Luxury Suite. The other two new episodes are on the way. They have become very time consuming (and annoying).
24 (10.5.2012) Added Case 11, Part 2's (Losers Weepers) three new scenes: Science Center, Dojo, Farmer's Market. Also Case 11, Part 3's (Finders Keepers) three: Hair Salon, Bowling Alley, Garage. Sorry for the delay in this one... it was a miserable band-aid experience. If you find anything funky happening, don't let me know.
23 (9.12.2012) Added Case 11, Part 1's (Scavenger Hunt) three new scenes: Backyard, Wharf, Amusement Park.
22 (8.15.2012) Added the new special episode (End of Summer: Lost and Found) with its three new scenes: Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Covent Garden.
21 (8.1.2012) Added Case 10's first three parts, with their nine new scenes: The Athletic Stadium, The Aquatic Center, Chinese Restaurant, Tea Parlour, London Pub, Streets of London, Athletes' Village, The Countryside, English House.
20 (7.5.2012) Added Case 9's first three parts, with their nine new scenes: Barn, General Store, Bar and Grill, Lake, Treehouse, Country Dance, Country Home, Cornfield, London.
19 (6.27.2012) Sorry for this update during today's challenge. So many of you have tiny screen resolutions (and this game is one of the taller ones), the "Hover on yellow Start Game button" just wasn't cutting it. I have changed the way we find the game window now, so take a peek at the above picture tip. It is also very important that your game is not chopped... so first use those scroll bars and make sure all four corners are visible. I obviously need to see the font of the hidden objects down there.
18 (6.20.2012) Added Case 8, Part 4's (The Art Thief, Part 2) three new scenes: Woods, Banquet Hall, Bed and Breakfast.
17 (6.7.2012) Added Case 8, Part 3's (The Art Thief, Part 1) three new scenes: Estate, Hallway, Estate Bedroom.
16 (5.24.2012) Added two new episodes... Case 8, Part 1's (The Art Critic) three scenes: Cottage, Dark House, Castle. Case 8, Part 2's (The Art Vendor) three scenes: Museum, Mural, Victorian Mansion.
15 (5.10.2012) For some reason, the Spa scene broke overnight. Easy fix. Thanks for letting me know, Carol.
14 (5.9.2012) Added the free Mother's Day episode (The Greatest Gift) and its three new scenes: Spa, Art Studio, Stadium.
13 (4.25.2012) Added Case 7, Part 3's (Tropical Truth) three new scenes: Coral Reef, Island, Observatory.
12 (4.11.2012) Added Case 7, Part 2's (Tropical Thief) three new scenes: River, Waterfall, Waterfall Cave. By the way, all 62 scenes before this episode have exactly 50 unique items to be found. For some reason, these three new ones only have 49, 46 and 49 inside. Finally, after having the auto loop this episode over and over for an hour... I gave up! So it's possible you may find an item the auto doesn't know. Please let me know if this happens.
11 (4.10.2012) The game got unseated and was pushed over a bit. I will work on today's new episode tomorrow.
10 (3.27.2012) Added Case 7, Part 1's (Tropical Tragedy) three new scenes: Island House, Beach, Forest.
9 (3.14.2012) Added two new episodes... Case 6, Part 1's (Quiet On the Set) three scenes: Police Station, TV Studio, Zoo. Case 6, Part 2's (Last Stop) three scenes: Union Square, Train Station, Night Club.
8 (3.5.2012) Added three new episodes... Case 5, Part 1's (Tangled Hearts) three scenes: Theater, Dressing Room, Love Suite. Case 5, Part 2's (Spring Fling) three scenes: Flower Shop, Reception Desk, Piazza. Case 5, Part 3's (All that Glitters) three scenes: Boarding School, Polo Field, Library. For some reason, Reception Desk and Polo Field only have 49 items (instead of 50) so let me know if you discover one the auto might be missing. Also installed a Repeat episode 1 checkmark option to help cover that "Earn 15,000 tokens" badge. Thanks for the suggestion, Joe.
7 (2.8.2012) Added the latest (Valentine's Special: Secret Admirer) episode's three new scenes: Classroom, School Plaza, Party House.
6 (1.26.2012) Added two new episodes. Case 4, Part 3's (High Roller) three scenes: The Strip, Casino, Wedding Chapel. And Case 4, Part 4's (Bad Omen) three scenes: Limo, Docks, Cravens' Yacht. They also added a new popup screen demanding you choose three power-ups, so I just choose the top three (doesn't spend gems or anything) and off we go. Further, we now have to start the auto by hovering you mouse over the initial front page's yellow Start Game button (as described above).
5 (1.11.2012) Added two new episodes. Case 4, Part 1's (The Craven Crime) three scenes: Craven's Mansion, Curtis' Condo, Illusia Lobby. And Case 4, Part 2's (Ante Up) three scenes: Buffet, Poker Table, Rooftop Club. All free for registered users.
4 (12.21.2011) Added the latest (Christmas Special: The Christmas Ball) episode's three new scenes: Christmas Ballroom, Ice Skating Rink, Conservatory.
3 (12.7.2011) Added two new episodes. Case 3, Part 1's (The Cake Case) three scenes: Pantry, Bakery Kitchen, Cafe. And Case 3, Part 2's (Cake-Off) three scenes: Industrial Kitchen, Ballroom, Dessert Table. All free for registered users.
2 (11.24.2011) Added the new Case 2, Part 3's (Taking Flight) three scenes: Airport, Streets of New York and Hotel Room. Free for registered Clairey owners. They also completely broke the rest of the auto during the process by changing lots of the graphics. Didn't like that too much.
1 (11.1.2011) Manually select which episode you want to complete and Clairey should take over immediately after. Registered users will be able to play all episodes (including future ones). The shareware version will only cover the first episode's 4 different areas (Driveway, Pool Cabana, Ethan's Room, Claire's Office) so you can see how the auto works exactly. You should probably stick with Google Chrome again, since this is another flash-embedded release and the other two browsers like to fight for your system resources. The Control key on your keyboard pauses the auto. Feel free to crank that speed up to 100.
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