Feudy version 13
(Family Feud)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, manually start a fresh Family Feud game so that you can see the opening screen's Play button there in the middle. Now start my Feudy and hover your mouse on the letter P, exactly as the pink arrow is showing here. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, click it and snap your mouse away.
Google Chrome only:  Since Firefox and Internet Explorer have altered graphics and are much slower in processing these Flash-embedded games, please use the Chrome web browser instead. If things change, I will be happy to include these other two... but this is just not the case right now.

13 (8.17.2013) Added the next 8 sets of recent Q+As. There are now 77 total sets in this auto (693 different questions and answers).
12 (7.25.2013) Added the next 8 sets of recent Q+As.
11 (5.13.2013) Added the recent 8 new sets of Q+As.
10 (3.28.2013) Added the recent 6 new sets of Q+As. Also, while testing the clunky Firefox, I noticed the lowercase answers I was typing were being displayed... but then converted to uppercase. So I changed the auto to submit uppercase answers instead (less wear and tear). Further, I tried a new style of reading the questions that just may fix the few of you that were having the Unknown question issue in Chrome, as well as all future possible flash font changes that come our way. I still recommend using Google Chrome, as those other two browsers are just horrid. They turn my laptop's fan on, super sluggish and clunky... just pathetic (compared to Chrome).
9 (3.5.2013) Added the recent 8 new sets of Q+As.
8 (12.27.2012) Added the recent 12 new sets of Q+As.
7 (12.7.2012) Added the Parental Guidance answer set's nine new questions.
6 (11.29.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
5 (8.22.2012) The game summary Play Again button is sometimes jammed north. Also fixed a few broken questions, where you enter the perfect answer... but they say it's wrong.
4 (8.7.2012) Someone left a loophole or backdoor open with the flash, causing the auto to play very slow compared to before. Especially with the additional colors of the new font, it was indeed a challenge. Their flash and the auto were having a huge drawn-out battle for the precious graphics card. So I pulled an old trick out of my hat and it seems to have paid off well. It's actually faster than before... and I had to put an extra delay during Fast Money because of it. If you find any funky questions, let me know. Take a picture of the final answers and send it to me. For example, that at the altar thing I spoke of way down at the bottom of this writeup. I changed it to just plain old altar but have no idea if they will accept it.
3 (8.2.2012) Whoops, sorry about that. I left it in "testing mode" for my computer only. Too many updates today, I am seeing stars at this point.
2 (8.2.2012) The font of the questions was changed on us. Hopefully this version will work for everyone again.
1 (6.28.2012) After much testing and feedback, I have decided that there is no need for an update at this time. Why? When looking through the code, I already did have the letter J inside. The auto is clearly making it to the fast money rounds every single time, regardless of any rare hiccups along the way. I don't think ripping apart the code is worth the effort, especially with this current version 1 badge-winning like a champ. If they break it in the future, do let me know (of course).

1 (6.26.2012) For starters, I am still missing the letter J, a few numbers and possibly more undiscovered special characters in some of the rare questions that remain. Currently, the auto will say Unknown font for these and stall... yet the game's timer will run out and you'll be back to normal again. It's very difficult to sit there for hours and pray that the next question will have a J inside, but I hope to pick them off before the next version. Further, some of the questions (top line) will get covered by your score in the oval up there to your right. Again, Feudy will stall with Unknown font and carry on afterward. I am working on a plan for this in the next update (to remember the last question). However, if you run an entire game and your Feudy is saying Unknown font for every single question, it's probably because you don't have font smoothing enabled to ClearType. We all need to use the same exact font so the letters in the questions can be read properly.

  • Windows 7: click the Start button, Control Panel, type cleartype in the search box, click "Adjust ClearType text", make sure the "Turn on ClearType" check box is selected and follow the steps using the Next button until finished.
  • Windows Vista: right-click desktop, Personalize, Window Color and Appearance, Effects, checkmark "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts", choose ClearType, Ok, Apply.
  • Windows XP: right-click desktop, Properties, Appearance tab, Effects button, checkmark "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts", choose ClearType, Ok, Apply.

Okay, next problem... errors in the game. Yep, you guessed it. Feudy will give the exact answer, such as "AT THE ALTAR", and the game will strike you out or give you 0 points (in fast money). Afterward, when the game shows all of the correct answers, "AT THE ALTAR" was number one. Not too much I can do about it, really. Thankfully the auto is smart enough to zip through anyway and still get rank credit. Other than that, use Google Chrome, hover your mouse on the letter P in Play as shown in the above picture, press the Control key on your keyboard to pause the auto and go get those badges. I'll be working on the next update when time permits.

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