Gardeny version 15

Torch or Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Torch and Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. I am no longer supporting any other browsers because they usually load completely different (distorted) graphics and are sluggish/worthless besides.

15 (6.3.2022) All of the games had their Continue Game intermission screen altered, which stalled the autos.
14 (3.8.2022) Huge update: the dead old flash Solitaire Gardens game has been replaced with the new html5 Lumeno game. So if you've registered Gardeny in the past, your registration code (and password) are still the same and version 14 now plays the new Lumeno instead. It plays a lot like Cooky (with Cookie Connect), where the largest found connection of colorful orbs will be clicked away. This brings tons of high-scoring games, power-ups and flower multipliers... which will eventually bring the final Rank 100 badge.
13 (12.5.2018) After running the auto for 2+ hours (for me, usually while harvesting seeds), their game eventually breaks in one of three ways. The first has been fixing itself, thankfully. But the other two needed band-aids to avoid a stall. This version should last you a helluva lot longer now.
12 (4.10.2018) Well, hopefully I have nipped this ongoing problem in the bud. Every time they extend the pathway in the opening map after a Tuesday morning maintenance, the other graphics are slightly changed and stops the auto from getting started properly. So from now on, let's hover our mice on that Seeds box at the upper-left corner of your game instead (see picture in above tip). After the game loads, first manually choose any garden's part (example: English Garden, Part 1) and you'll what I'm talking about.
11 (10.13.2017) I added a new English Part1 Level5 check mark option for challenges requiring 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, even 3.0 stars. It's very simple to use. Enable it and I'll loop EGP1L5 over and over. What's the difference? In this level, I actually read the cards (and use intelligence), with no random clicking at all. I chose English Garden Part 1 Level 5 for a couple of reasons: everyone starts the game with the English Garden (part 1), level 5 is very simple/quick to reach and unlock, it's an extremely tiny level with very few cards (making each game ridiculously fast compared to 99% of the rest). Now that this level's cards are read properly, there are no mis-clicks and your star count rises severely. I also prioritize choosing a card that is highest in its stack and will yield another flipped card opportunity underneath it. Here are my test results after one hour of logging exactly 100 games (average of 36 seconds each). 57 wins (57%): 9 were 1.5 stars, 32 were 2.0 stars, 15 were 2.5 stars, and 1 was actually 3.0 stars. So basically, if your challenge requires a bunch of 2.0+ star wins and you experience the same layout luck as I did, you should achieve around 48 per hour. After you hover your mouse to get started, go ahead and choose the English Garden (Part 1) and this option should take right off!
10 (8.16.2017) There are a couple levels out there that have cards so extremely low on the board... they are somewhat covering/shading the Replay button once the deck is spent. This caused a very rare stall.
9 (4.12.2017) Just like version 6 and 7, after changing the main map to allow the next scrollable gardens, their opening title screen was slightly altered so the auto was unable to find the G in Gardens when hovering your mouse to get started. Guess we gotta get used to it.
8 (3.6.2017) Really not much to say, except that it now plays all gardens, all parts, all levels (and hopefully future gardens as well). Don’t sit there and watch the auto or you will go wacky... just let it run while you sleep. For special challenges, find a level that’s worthy of your requirements and use the new Repeat Level option to repeat it over and over. I tested the old levels 5, 6 and 10 from the last Gardeny versions and it pretty much has the same win percentage in those. It should, as it’s the same randomized clicking. But I do believe there may be "better" levels to choose out there for the various challenges (Dirt Pile Cards, Max out Flower Power Meter, Complete X levels).
7 (1.3.2017) Again, after changing the main map to allow the next scrollable gardens, their opening title screen was slightly altered so the auto was unable to find the G in Gardens when hovering your mouse to get started.
6 (10.14.2016) The opening title screen was slightly altered so the auto was unable to find the G in Gardens when hovering your mouse to get started.
5 (9.28.2016) Added level 10 to help cover any thirsty plants challenges. It's slowgoing, as there are a lot more cards to deal with, but it will eventually get the job done. I suppose this level will also help any future fill the flower power meter badges as well since there are so many face-up cards available. I saw quite a few of them happen while testing.
4 (7.11.2016) Some of you eventually have the font of the number 6 changed, which stalled the auto at the map. Hopefully this version will cover you if it happens again.
3 (7.5.2016) Today's major changes to the game's level selection screen stalled the auto there. I also added a win percent counter showing in Gardeny's window after every game, so you know how many games you have played. This might be a great opportunity to snag some free seeds... if you let it run overnight while you are snoring.
2 (7.2.2016) Added English Garden Part 1 level 6 for x2 multiplier challenges as on option. You can now choose level 5 or 6 as needed.
1 (6.7.2016) Auto #125. Registration codes start with the CAPITAL letter C and the number Five (C5). This first version of Gardeny only plays the English Garden Part 1 level 5 over and over. And that's it, for now! So make sure you have level 5's tutorial completely finished and ready to go. If this isn't want you wanted, please delete the auto. You are only wasting your shareware time. So far, Gardeny is strictly being written to complete challenges only! However, if you are interested in completing any part of any garden's 60 levels and obtaining its 12 in-game flower badges (and the rank progress), I offer a completely separate MANUAL service for that. Please read the 60 levels badge service tip at the top of this web page and contact me. As for the current auto, you might consider it a little slow. The reason for this is the animation of the cards after each click, such as coming down from your top layout and finally landing as your new faceup draw pile card. Or maybe when you click the facedown draw pile for the next unknown card, taking at least a good half-second for it to officially land and be seen/read correctly. This makes a huge difference to know that we can keep playing legal cards (or not) before drawing another card, so this brief pause is essential in maximizing the win of most levels. I chose this level 5 because it's at the very beginning of the game (very simple to achieve, rather than choosing Part 3's level 60), it has very few cards compared to the other huge levels... and it's one of the easiest to complete besides.
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