Pingo version 13
(Poppit!™ Bingo)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, first manually pick the room of your choice and then navigate yourself to their game's card selection page. Now start my Pingo and hover your mouse on the white letters Pick Your Cards at the bottom of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize them, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start playing your chosen room over and over. Well, at least until you run out of tickets and need to replenish more.
Fast rank:  Simply read version 4's write up below. Then read version 6 and 7's write up afterward. Questions, confused? Email me... I'm right here.
Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. If your auto is having trouble connecting with their game while hovering your mouse properly (or any issues afterward), please try every other web browser available in your arsenal. Recommended... in order: Torch, Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Firefox ESR, SeaMonkey.

13 (5.31.2019) Some of you were having cannon shot issues. Not any more.
12 (12.5.2018) They needed to move stuff around in the main game area to make some room for a New Game button. Your floating power-up balloon, buttons, the trash can... just about everything. Torch is your best friend with this fwack-clicking game/auto! Huge difference.
11 (4.24.2018) The yellow Continue Game button was moved after this morning's maintenance.
10 (4.6.2018) And now a moved Challenge Complete! yellow Okay button for badges and collectibles.
9 (12.5.2017) The Html5 games received a different Stats page with new Continue Game button.
8 (9.5.2017) Some of you had a stalled Challenge Complete yellow Next button. I completely changed the way that screen is read... so it should now cover everyone (I hope).
7 (7.23.2017) Kind of a nice little upgrade here. I changed the Golden Balloons option into a Spend power-up pull-down menu with all four available: Vision, Reward Delivery, Golden Balloon, Pin Missile. Yes, this means you now have control over which power-ups you wish to use. Whatever is check marked will be spent. Don't want to use any power-ups at all? Uncheck everyone. Want to spend every single power-up that comes your way? Check mark everyone. Only want to use the Pin Missile and Golden Balloon (which many of you think is the best rank advancement)? Only enable those two. This should also help any possible future challenges, such as "Call 999 bingos without using any power-ups this week", "Use 5,555 power-ups in five seconds", or "Spend the Reward Delivery power-up 1 million times". And further, I think that the Pin Missile should help win more 1st, 2nd and 3rd bingos. I want to thank the various few of you that suggested this lovely idea, but a super huge hug to my dear friend BearlyDoug for helping tweak/test and his immensely-skilled intelligence!
6 (6.21.2017) After yesterday morning's maintenance, the game received somewhat of a major update. Now 22 rooms, hundreds of badges, Collectibles, etc. I fixed the new Collectibles popup window stall and rearranged the main room selection screen to hopefully cover them all. The auto was also calling some "bad bingos", depending on wrong place/wrong time unsettled animations. So I completely recoded that area and have killed 99% of them, not that it was really hurting anything. This is important, since it was one of the major changes to the game (calling bingos vs. letting the cactus cannon handle them all). It may be in your best interest to disable my Ignore Bingos option for faster rank, as well as helping snag those 1st 2nd 3rd place in-game achievements and their extra bonuses. As they recommend themselves, calling bingos (rather than ignoring them and just using the cactus cannon) yields much more experience points towards your rank progress. Further, the games end much quicker and helps speed up rank besides. I personally saw a room 6 perfect 52-bingo game give a measly 1,842 XP when Ignore Bingos was checked. Then, I unchecked Ignore Bingos in room 7 (one higher than the last example) and amazingly watched the auto call at least 12 of those 20 bingos during the game. The end result, after the cannon shot, was just a 38-bingo game. But it produced 4,203 XP (over twice the rank progress with less total bingos called... in an earlier room!)
5 (1.3.2017) The only thing different in this version 5 is an additional (purposeful) delay for people using the almighty Golden Balloons option, as outlined in the below v4 writeup. After a golden balloon power-up is spent, the auto will now completely ignore your cards and stop daubing... so don't be alarmed! It will wait until your power-up meter is fully charged again (around 21 seconds) and then kick back in. Why? It basically guarantees another power-up is ready, which is a very good thing. The more chances at getting those lucky golden balloons, the better. However, at the very end of your game (10 bingos or less remaining), this is NOT the time to be pausing since the game is almost over. Therefore, the auto will recognize the fact and pummel your cards anyway in one last ditch effort to the finish. Please note the following: perhaps it is no longer in your best interest to choose the farthest room 8. Recently, as people have been advancing in this game, they have become a bunch of blood-thirsty, bingo-calling, rank-hungry vultures in there. Because of this, we have not been able to snag as many bingos as before, the cactus cash is much weaker and we have been going in the negative with our tickets (which are very expensive to purchase). I found that playing in room 7 is MUCH better and you still progress in rank almost as fast, but with the bonus of the old healthy profiting of cash and tickets again. So I highly recommend leaving those crazy savages alone and taking it down one step to room 7 instead. Play with it... you'll see what I mean.
4 (12.26.2016) Kind of a major one here. As well as numerous people with changed graphics on various browsers, I also installed three new options: Golden Balloons, Number of games and Room number. The easiest to describe is both of the Flash Refresh options. It was found that after 90 minutes or so, their html5 starts to get very sluggish (shocker) and the balloons were popping weird (especially at the cannon). This caused the game to eventually break completely and we were dead in the water. If you want an F5 function key sent to your browser, choose the Number of games you think is best for Pingo to refresh you. For me, playing in Room 8, I keep it at "15" for about an hour's worth of play before refreshing. And since the auto won't know which room you prefer, obviously you will need to tell it with the Room number slide bar as well. Now, listen close if you want to embark on the Golden Balloons hardcore ranking-up opportunity. This can yield you tons of their required xp, unlimited cactus cash (which can be spent on the needful power-ups) and free tickets besides. The first thing you will need to do is get yourself to level 7 to unlock four cards. This is when you should change my Cards option to "4", I suppose. Important: Do NOT spend any power-ups won along the way! After level 7, when using this GB option, you MUST monitor your cash and tickets until you get established huge enough to not really have to worry about it or you will screw yourself. You must have enough power-ups for the auto to spend, as well as enough cactus cash for the cannon! My recommendations... Cards (4), Use Cannon (definitely), Ignore Bingos (yes, keep the game lasting the longest), Golden Balloons (of course), Number of games (15), Room number (the farthest you have unlocked so far), Speed (100). Basically, what's gonna happen is Pingo will keep trash-canning the crappy power-ups until a golden balloons arrives and will spend it. Over and over until the game is finished, yes to the cannon blast, tons of bingos, xp, cash, tickets, yippee. So you want to keep yourself in the highest room number at all times to maximize rank progress. For me, in room 8 (Northern Lights), I am witnessing around +$30,000 cactus cash per hour, as well as +140 tickets and -35 power-ups spent (which the earned cash easily covers). You will be forvever profitable doing exactly what I have offered here. Eventually you will have millions of cash, tens of thousands of tickets and literally thousands of power-ups, with no need to spend your gems whatsoever. I will say this one last time: until you get cruising this far, you must monitor your power-ups and cash manually/properly. When you get low on the power-ups, buy as many as possible... but DO NOT leave yourself empty of cactus cash, as you need some for the cannon blasts (depending on your room choice). I guess I would recommend keeping at least 5x the purchase price of your current cannon room to be safe, but spend the re$t on power-ups. If you have any questions, simply shoot me an email.
3 (12.21.2016) Another quick update. The auto was calling unnecessary bingos during the Use Cannon stage... it now should sit there saying "Cannon time" and do nothing. Some of you had a few stalled buttons in certain browsers, which were reported back as fixed. And finally, I added an Ignore Bingos option, as this goes hand-in-hand with the Use Cannon. You really don't want to call any bingos if the cannon shots are gonna call them all for you later. It just makes your game end quicker when you call early bingos.
2 (12.9.2016) Just a quick update for two reasons. I accidentally was forcing everyone to be in the first room to get the auto started when hovering the mouse initially. Even though you could go back after and switch to your preferred room, that wasn't my intent. Thanks, Joy, for showing me that so quickly. Seems to be fixed now, hopefully. Also added a new Use Cannon check mark option. When enabled, the auto will now choose Yes (instead of No) for those that want to spend their cannon cash on the bonus shots at the end of their games. I am guessing Pingo will stall (after saying Yes) if you don't have enough cash, though.
1 (12.9.2016) First off, Pingo has replaced Booky. That old facebook auto never really belonged here, as it didn't win badges... and I am BadgeWinners. Further, the games it played were constantly being altered and became a real pain in my ass. Therefore, if you have purchased Booky in the past, Pingo uses the same exact registration code (and your password will still work). This first version of the auto simply clicks the hell out of your cards' balloons and calls bingo when any exist. There's a Cards option included, allowing you to select the number of cards you wish to play. Feel free to alter your speed as needed, as top 100 is definitely not required and lower speeds could help the html5 be more smooth. As written in the hover mouse tip above, you need to first manually pick the room of your choice. When you run out of the game's tickets, the auto will stop (on purpose). I may include a future option for purchasing the best tickets deal with your cactus cash. Version 2 will most likely have a Cactus Cannon and/or Power-Ups option. But for now, Pingo will click No when offered the cannon shot. And don't manually click power-ups yourself during the game or the auto might start misfiring bingos since it can't read those orange balloons quite yet.
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