Sanctuary version 1
(Mahjong Sanctuary)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, go to the game's opening sanctuary map screen and STOP. Now start my Sanctuary and hover your mouse on the tannish/brown Level Collection button at the bottom right of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start playing Level 1 over and over. Make sure you have already spent 25 stars so this level is unlocked and repeatable!
Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. If your auto is having trouble connecting with their game while hovering your mouse properly (or any issues afterward), please try every other web browser available in your arsenal. Recommended... in order: Torch, Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Firefox ESR, SeaMonkey.

1 (8.5.2019) Registration codes start with the CAPITAL letter C and the number two (C2). Sanctuary is replacing the dead Monky auto... so if you purchased that auto in the past, you own this one! Your registration code (and password) is exactly the same. If you are not sure, just ask me. I have an immaculate transaction history looker-upper that takes me just two seconds. Step 1: Manually beat the game's first 25 levels yourself. Step 2: Spend those 25 earned purple stars in any animal's Task List, which will unlock their Level Collection area and allow Level 1 to be repeated (because that's currently all this random-clicking auto will do). This is great for fast rank advancement, making combos, scoring points, matching tiles, winning games, etc. You may want to keep things a little smoother by lowering my Speed option a good bit, as their game tends to crash a lot (or wins "too early" without crediting stuff properly).
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