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Dozens are now working again!
All of the 38 autos currently listed at my Files page should resize your Google Chrome web browser to a standard 848x600 inner child size and find the games automatically, so there's no need to hover the mouse anywhere to get started (as before). I am recovering... and eventually getting as many of these older titles back up and running as quickly as I can, one by one until they're all done. Thanks for your patience!
Obviously, more on the way...

 Putty info
"Putty" Mini-Golf auto!
The old Mini Golf Madness flash game was recently erased from the game site and we went putt-putt'less for a while, until a newer Pogo™ Mini-Golf arrived. So I figured I would revive our Putty auto with all Hole-in-one shots for the first Beaver Welcome course. You will still get credit for tons of eagles/birdies towards those badges as well. But the best part is how quickly this auto will rank you out (especially with the inclusion of my "browser refresh" after 60 seconds of inactivity keeping the flow)!
Putty putt-putts yet again.

 Clairey info
"Clairey" Hart: Secret in Shadows!
As of 9.9.23, the Shadows version of the game is now fixed and works for me with Google Chrome. Clairey resizes the inner child browser to a uniform 848x600 size, so there's no need to hover the mouse anywhere. Again, your Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows game should be functioning and back from the dead, but the old Classic version of the game is still on the way.
75 Speed is the smoothest!
 Winter Hearts Badge
Winter Hearts Badge
Challenge · Win 22 games with two or more lives left
Date · November 29, 2023
Browser · Google Chrome only
Game · Pogo Daily Sudoku
Auto · Sudoky23
Daily Calendar · First Beginner
Speed · 95
Completion · 12 minutes

 Snowy Gazebo Badge
Snowy Gazebo Badge
Challenge · Complete 25 games with 3 stars
Date · November 29, 2023
Browser · Google Chrome only
Game · Jewel Academy
Level · 2
Auto · Academy10
Speed · 95
Completion · 17 minutes

 Winter King Badge
Winter King Badge
Challenge · Scratch 20 bonus cards
Date · November 29, 2023
Browser · Google Chrome only
Game · Payday Freecell HD
Auto · Celly0
Sorry · The update for this auto is not quite finished, but it's coming soon. I'm going as fast as I can to get this one back on track like the others.
Completion · manual
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