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 Sudoky info
 The new Html5 Sudoku...
The new Html5 Sudoku...
Yes, Sudoky now includes the new Html5 Sudoku game, making yet another "2 for 1" auto. So if you were one smart number-puzzler and purchased it in the past (for the older Sudoku Puzzle Blast java game), the same password works and you already own it! Before you start the auto, choose any difficulty you like. There will be less guessing in the easier skill levels, of course. But hell, crank it up to Master and watch it truly smoke (rank 10 in just 30 minutes?) through your cheesy poof ranks! Please use Google Chrome or Torch, since this is another html5 game, unless you have no other alternative but a different working browser.

Annabelle to the rescue!
Cookie Connect has fifteen extra in-game achievement badges. Do you want them all, such as the insane Super All Stars Badge that requires "Reach 3 Stars in at least 180 Levels"? I am not talking about rank here at all... and need absolutely no power-ups/gems!
How many levels ya need 3-starred?

Match and Merge actually needs all 150 tiresome levels beat, the game completely finished, in order to reach rank 50 and own all five of its current rank badges.
On which level are you stuck?

Tumble Tiles is a little different, with only 30 ranks and three rank badges. All 138 torturous levels must be knocked out with the maximum of three stars to obtain that highly-coveted final Rank 30 Badge.
How many 3-star levels ya need?

I am willing to take one for the team and pump these out for you manually, so slide those bars above for my pricing structures. Email and let me know which cleanup job is in your future. Let's get this done and those very difficult badges in your stash already! Likewise, do you still have some old challenges stuck in some ancient albums that are really depressing to see? I offer a super-fast, cheap service for such a thing... so email me right now and let's make some miracles happen!

 Popparty info
 Poppit!™ Party!
Poppit!™ Party!
Auto #127 hits the streets for the new html5 Poppit!™ Party game. If Popparty can't find your brown Score area properly when attempting Torch or Google Chrome, send me a snapshot. Until then, you might be able to use Internet Explorer (or any different browser). This auto will loop regular Spike over and over, fwacking the board with popped sets for rank climbing. It should also increase your coins and drop tons of chests for all of those costume parts, which will eventually unlock them all and increase their levels for the special in-game badges. So add this one to your arsenal today!
 Unexpected Bonus Badge
Unexpected Bonus Badge
After hovering your mouse on the upper-left orange/red letter "U" in their Undiscovered World logo to get started, go ahead and manually select the first adventure (The Incan Sun). If you enable Worldy's convenient Repeat Chapter 1 check mark option, the auto will cycle through it nonstop until the job is done. Six of those full episodes should finish you in just 9 minutes, using 75 Extra Ketchup and top 100 Speed.

 Noble Device Badge
Noble Device Badge
I do not have an auto ready for this challenge quite yet. I made a special effort this week to work more on Flinksy (and made major progress), but it's just not winning enough to be available for public consumption. Instead, I am going to take a much-needed break from it and start working on the new Html5 Sudoku game.

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