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 Tiley info
Feudy is now Tiley
Here is something you can use for future non-rank challenges in Tumble Tiles, or at least I intend to keep up with them. Yes, this first version only replays level 3 over and over... and that's all it really needs to currently do, so make sure you have your level 3 unlocked. If it's the final rank 30 badge you have been craving instead, scroll down a bit and read the Tumble Tiles Rank 30 section below to take advantage of my quick, non-auto service! One huge thing: Tiley has replaced the older Feudy auto, since the Family Feud game has officially (truly) bit the dust. So if you purchased Feudy in the past, you now own Tiley instead. It uses the same registration code, so your old Feudy password is identical and works!

 Sparky info
Sparky your Sparks!
After two long months of waiting, the game of Sparks has finally arrived (along with its exhausting and excruciating voyage to final rank 50). Anyone that does not use my 120th new auto probably belongs in a straitjacket and needs locked away in the Annabelle Asylum for severe brainwashing/testing of my scintillating Sparky! A few experiments may have proven that their Challenging mode yields slightly more rank points than the other, so be sure to enable that checkmark option inside the auto. View the picture at the top of my Sparky page so you know exactly where to hover your mouse to get started properly, of course.

Tumble Tiles Rank 30!
I think we can all agree that Tumble Tiles is a horrible game that should be played by no one. I'm willing to take one for the team and finish any or all of those 138 torturous levels for you manually... each complete with the maximum three stars. Or maybe you've been stuck for weeks on a really difficult puzzle and just need one knocked out so you can finally proceed further in those upper levels by yourself? The prices below come with my 3 stars per level guarantee, so let's get this done and that highly-coveted Rank 30 badge into your album already. Email and let me know how many levels you have remaining that need a quick cleanup job.
Slide the bar below!

 Spacey info
Spacey Hunt
No need to hurt that poor old hand of yours while desperately trying to manually match away all of those stupid planets, right? My 119th auto has just docked at the Annabelle Space Station and is here to blast away very quickly at your 50 ranks, sometimes sporting high scores close to 200,000. Spacey is your one-way ticket out of this world of childish space hunting and yet another piggy-back of yet another 3-match clone with weak graphics, so don't miss out on this opportunity and add this one to your collection today!

Annabelle to the rescue!
Do you have a few incomplete badges stuck in some ancient albums for years that are really depressing to see? How about some old weekly challenges that can be reactivated and finally finished? I offer a super-fast, cheap service for such a thing... so email me right now and let's make some miracles happen already! And pretty please, do spread the word and relieve your friends too.
 Hint of Autumn Badge
Hint of Autumn Badge
What another great opportunity to use my super-convenient Repeat episode 1 check mark option, huh? Enable it, and at top 100 speed, yer auto will be cranking out full hintless episodes in just 90 seconds flat! As shown in the picture at the top of my Clairey page, hover your mouse on that green highlighted Episodes tab in the upper-left area of the game to get your auto started properly. Did ya know this registered auto covers all 163 of the Claire Hart™ parts (episodes) and its 163+ badges, including all 479 different scenes since the game was released back in late 2011? What a soul searcher!

 Heavy Fire Power Badge
Heavy Fire Power Badge
Well, to be honest, it was a quick rush job to have something we could all use for this first Tumble Tiles non-rank challenge. For now, in this first version, I kept it simple and plain: it replays level 3 over and over... and that's it. I do have every intention on keeping this auto current with all future challenges as well, such as possibly breaking Evil Masks or clearing Ancient Symbols. Since their game breaks a lot, I found that lowering your Speed to 90 or less (or even switching browsers) could help the situation. And hey, if you have purchased my Feudy auto for Family Feud in the past, you now own this one instead. Tiley has replaced it, so just use that old password!

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Your latest HOG updates...
These are the recently-installed episodes for the seven hidden object games (Amazing Adventures: Around the World™, Big City Adventure, Claire Hart™: Soul Searcher, CLUE Secrets & Spies, Letters from Nowhere, Sherlock Holmes, Undiscovered World). When a new episode is released, I am well aware and diligently working on it. So check back here later, as just one episode can take between 3-7 nonstop hours to harvest all of the items. By the way, Cluey is capable of 200,000+ tokens per hour if you enable its Repeat episode option!
 Amazy info Amazy (Jul 6, 2012)
The Lost Tomb
15 episodes (46 scenes)
 Biggy info Biggy (Sep 24)
Money, Money
156 days (290 scenes)
 Clairey info Clairey (Sep 23)
Double Date
163 parts (479 scenes)
 Cluey info Cluey (Oct 8)
Witches' Crew
259+1 episodes (778 cities)
 Lettery info Lettery (Oct 9, 2013)
Series 2 Conclusion
24 episodes (57 scenes)
 Sherlocky info Sherlocky (Aug 22)
The Musgrave Ritual: Part III
39 parts (186 levels)
 Worldy info Worldy (Sep 30)
95 chapters (166 levels)
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